Термическая и антикоррозийная обработка цветных металлов
Термической (тепловой) обработкой называются процессы, при которых металл нагревают или охлажда...

Цветные металлы
В последнее время цветные металлы и сплавы все более распространены в употреблении. Свое назван...

Эмали для металла
Эмаль, то есть суспензия из смол, красящих и стабилизирующих веществ и растворителя, является о...

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Top Drone

Опубликовано: 15.04.2017

видео Top Drone

(New) Top 5 Best Premium Drones You Should Have 2017 [ Drone With HD Camera ]

The results are in for the Top Drone Blogs poll we cast out to all of you hungry drone enthusiasts last week, and so now we are going to excitedly share which blogs out there are making waves in the wide world of drone reporting. Current technology and trends, techniques and add-ons, and reviews of new gear seem to be what readers are hungry for, as well as blogs about just getting out there in the open and flying these amazing things!

We just wanted to give you a bit of fine detail about each blog, and show you some posts from them to wet your wired-up appetite ready for reading. As the summertime is almost open us and many will be getting out nationwide to fly, these top ten will offer you a wide variety of reading material, and inspiration to get out there and get your gear airborne.

Without mulling around any further, let’s get on with showing you who мейд the cut, so you can see why their writing, photos, and videos are especially awesome. Keep your laptop fully fired-up, because we’ve got scores of reading for you to do! Here are the proud winners:

Our number one contender is chock full of information on pilot training, tools and gadgets, very informative videos, footage from flyers, and camera info. They have proven themselves ahead of the rest with reviews of filters, backpacks, hardcases, and even HDMI modules.

Just to show you how great the pilot training section is, check out this video that shows you how to properly fly over water. It gives you a clear explanation of how to use every feature on the app, avoid obstacles en route, and observe the water before flying.

To check out the latest on Phantom 4 vs. Phantom 3, How to avoid crashes, and many more cool topics they cover, visit Tom’s Tech Time here to see just why they are so awesome and innovative.

A very slick interface and lots of valuable information is waiting for you here at this portal whose goal is to make sense of the commercial drone industry. It makes sense that they scored so high, because at just one brief glance, you can see that they take what they do very seriously.

One of the most relevant topics on their website is “How Drones are Building ROI at Construction Sites”, which you can read here. They are also doing a first-rate job of depicting how agricultural drones are bringing value to farmers, and showing how major events planners are benefitting from drone mapping capabilities.

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